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Providing access to healthcare for underserved patients with severe and rare orphan diseases, especially children, who cannot be treated in their home countries due to limited resources and medical technology. We also help these communities build medical infrastructure and provide medical training, outreach and supplies. We believe that any patient with a rare condition has the right to maximum medical care and a second chance to live.

Our vision

One day, all people suffering severe and rare conditions will have access to life saving medical care.

the pillars of jhi

the patient holistically by providing mental, physical, social and spiritual care.

patients receive the best treatment and care.

with health providers through partnership within the medical community.

caregivers by providing them the necessary resources to care for the patient.

JHI Mission
Our Vision
The Pillars of JHI


  • To provide quality healthcare to underserved patients with critical health conditions 

  • Justice in healthcare is what we strive for to improve the health and well-being of communities with limited resources

  • Compassion with generosity is all about having mercy on others and giving freely what one has received 

  • Our focus is on adding value to vulnerable populations by speaking and defending for their right to healthcare

  • To demonstrate the unconditional divine love through the ministry of care

JHI Values
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