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Behind each organizations’ success, is its leadership. We are looking for individuals to donate a few hours of their time each month to lead one of JHI’s important committees. These committees are responsible for everything from overseeing JHI’s finances to fundraising, marketing the mission of JHI to coordinating patient care - and much more.

Serve on a Committee

Serve on a Committee

The following is a brief description of the committee leaders we are looking for. 

For more information, please contact Alex at   

Finance Committee

  • Provide financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization's budget

Governance Committee

  • Oversee board compliance with organization's charter, articles, or bylaws

Fundraising Committee

  • Oversee and direct fundraising activity of JHI

Marketing Committee

  • Create awareness of the work that the organization does through marketing/advertising campaigns

Patient Coordination Committee

  • Oversee the end to end needs of JHI patients

Hospital Networking Committee

  • Research and establish a network of hospitals throughout the U.S.

Vetting Committee

  • Responsible for the evaluation of each patient’s application for health services

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