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Jordana is a two-year-old Burundian suffering from an ear infection that cannot be treated in her home country nor the surrounding countries. Jordana has facial palsy with mastoiditis (an infection of the mastoid bone of the skull) and poor neurocognitive development. She suffers much pain, and the infection is causing paralysis to one side of her face and also odoriferous. Her pain makes her  angry and she has poor sleep, oftentimes causing her to hit her head and cry because of the pain. Her family has taken her to Rwanda in hopes of treatment, but the hospital in Rwanda was unable to treat her. They even tried to go to Belgium, but that did not work out for them either.

Her last report showed her in the 3rd percentile (hypotrophic baby), having been born premature. The doctors treated her inner middle ear infection with wide-spectrum antibiotics and the facial palsy with physiotherapy, but to no avail. She desperately needs western medicine and more modern medical practices to properly diagnose and treat the otitis, infection, and facial palsy.

Will you support Jordana by donating to JHI today? While she has been accepted to receive treatment at a hospital in Texas at no cost, your support will help bring her here. Every contribution has a tangible impact!

Jordana 2.jpg
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