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MOSES' Story

Moses Masala is from Lusaka Zambia. He was severely burned at the age of 10 while playing at a neighbor's house.

His burns - comprising about 35% of his body - are on the chest, right side of the neck and ear, most of his right hand/arm and on his right thigh. He was in the hospital in Zambia for some time including the ICU. Though the burns have healed, he unfortunately has developed hypertrophic scars and other challenges.

Moses will be receiving treatment at Shriners on November 18th, with pre-op scheduled on the 17th. The hospital has indicated that he could also need some further corrective surgeries. 

We are currently looking into the travel and accommodation arrangements for him and his mother, Annie. His father wrote in email: “We would greatly appreciate any assistance that can be rendered to us to enable Moses to go for more corrective surgeries at Shriners.”  

We need your help with travel and accommodation expenses.

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